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Your Retirement Should Be What You Want It to Be

October 23, 2020

For decades you’ve done what’s expected of you – work hard for a living, take care of your loved ones, and often forgo putting yourself first. That all changes in retirement. Whether you’re traveling, volunteering, taking up new hobbies, or…

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The 3 Biggest Concerns You Could Face In Retirement

October 19, 2020

When you think of retirement, you might think of the vacations you’ll go on and all the free time you’ll enjoy with friends and family. There’s so much to enjoy about retirement, but it also comes with its challenges. Some…

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3 Ways Life Could Be Different In 2050

October 16, 2020

2050 seems like a long time away, but 2019 seemed far away in 1989. Back then, did you think a cell phone would fit into your pocket? Or that you could shout at Alexa to order you more paper towels…

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4 Things to Know About Medicare This Month

October 11, 2020

One of your largest retirement expenses could be your healthcare costs. An average 65-year-old couple retiring today will need an estimated $363,946 to cover their healthcare costs, according to one study.[1] With the Medicare fall open enrollment period starting on…

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Moving Long-Term Care Into the Home

October 9, 2020

There is a shift away from providing long-term care services in hospitals and nursing homes to proving them in individuals’ homes. This was happening before the pandemic, but the trend is now accelerating for several reasons. Many nursing homes did…

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3 Things You Can Do If You Don’t Qualify for a Roth IRA

October 4, 2020

There’s evidence to suggest that we might be experiencing historically low tax rates right now. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will expire in 2025 or possibly sooner if there’s a leadership change in Washington. By the end of the…

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