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3 Reasons Why Your Tax Burden Could Increase In Retirement

September 7, 2020

Most people assume that their tax burden will dramatically decrease in retirement once they stop receiving a paycheck, but this isn’t always true. A high tax bill is one retirement risk to be aware of and to try and mitigate.…

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Motivate, Don’t Procrastinate

September 4, 2020

They say there are people who watch things happen, people who make things happen, and people who say, “what happened?” You certainly don’t want to be the last kind, and it’s not so great to be the first kind, either.…

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estate planning

Preparing the Next Generation to Inherit Wealth

August 31, 2020

Estate planning is an important part of retirement planning for many reasons: You’ve worked hard for your money and want to see it passed down in the most efficient way possible for your loved one’s benefit. Unfortunately, costly mistakes are…

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retirement lifestyle

You Don’t Have to Downsize to Declutter

August 27, 2020

If your nest isn’t as full as it once was, or you have more time on your hands in retirement, consider decluttering. Even if downsizing in the near future isn’t part of your desired retirement lifestyle, having less clutter in your living…

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retirement planning

4 Goals to Meet When Crossing the Retirement Finish Line

August 24, 2020

You have so much to celebrate and look forward to as you near and enter retirement: Retirement means the end of a long career, but the beginning of something new, and the “what” is up to you. The way you…

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Can Nostalgia Overcome Aging?

August 21, 2020

You might think that the more recent an event, the easier it would be to remember it. And you might think that things that happened to you a long time ago would be harder to recall, but the human brain…

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