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Low Interest Rates, Market Volatility, and Your Retirement

May 10, 2020

Planning for retirement is never a “set it and forget it” activity. There are unexpected disasters, market drops, and changing laws that invariably cause retirees to reevaluate their plans of action. Recently, market volatility and the Federal Reserve’s decision to…

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volatile market advice

Do’s and Don’ts in a Volatile Market

May 3, 2020

If the state of the market has caused you to worry, you’re probably not alone. The coronavirus and falling oil prices have caused many to panic. In times of uncertainty, it can be easy to make knee-jerk decisions and forget…

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financial advisors

3 Questions a Financial Advisor Can Help You Answer

April 26, 2020

A 12 year-long bull market run recently came to a close, and many Americans have experienced the effects. For those nearing or in retirement, this can be especially worrisome. If you’re wondering what your course of action should be right…

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A Guide to the CARES Act for Americans Age 50 and Over

April 19, 2020

President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act into law to help Americans combat the economic effects of the coronavirus. It includes potential tax breaks, checks for qualifying Americans, and temporary new rules for retirement account…

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social security

Should You Claim Social Security Early Due to Financial Hardship?

April 12, 2020

If your financial or employment situation has changed due to coronavirus, you may be rethinking your Social Security claiming strategy. While you can claim Social Security benefits as early as age 62, you will receive a permanently smaller benefit. If…

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consolidating your retirement accounts

Spring Cleaning Your Retirement Accounts

March 4, 2020

By the time you’re ready to retire, you’ve probably had a number of jobs over the course of your working life. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans hold an average of 12 different jobs by age…

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