Retirement Planning

How to Invest in a Bear Market as a Beginner

BML’s Brian Levy contributed to an exclusive article for U.S. News and World Report. Brian discusses the opportunity of investing during a Bear market.

Retirement Planning

How to Use Defensive Investments to Shield Your Portfolio

BML's Shane Brosnan contributed to an exclusive article for U.S. News and World Report. Shane discusses how to use defensive investments and how risk levels vary across different defensive securities.

Retirement Planning

Retirees Need to Face the High Cost of Bad Luck

When you're working and the stock market plunges, it's a temporary problem. But if you've just retired, or are about to, then it could devastate your retirement savings. It's called "sequence of returns risk.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Success Isn't About Net Worth, It's About Net Income

If you're wondering if you have enough saved to retire, you won't find the answer to that critical question on the bottom of your 401(k) statement.

Retirement Planning

5 Questions To Help You Find Your Financial Planner

When you pick a financial adviser, you need someone who's a good fit. And for those who already have an adviser, if your situation is changing, then maybe it’s time to start fresh.

Retirement Planning

Your Social Security Income Can Make Or Break Your Plan – Don’t Mess It Up

There are hundreds of claiming strategies for Social Security benefits, so do your research before you make your move.

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